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Natural Grown Grassfed Beef!

Tranquility Farm beef is processed at a provincially licenced Class(A) facility pursuant to the Province of British Columbia meat inspection regulations.

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Highland Steer

Highland cattle have proved to produce superior grass finished beef product. Tranquility Farm can guarantee beef that has been raised grain-free, and is free of anti-biotics and growth hormones.

New Born Calves

Our beef cattle are born on our farm, raised naturally in a healthy environment, with lots of room to grow and play. This makes a beef product that is tender and full of flavor.

Highland cow

Highland beef products have a natural marbling. The cattle's long top coat and fine undercoat reduces the need for excess "back fat" to keep them warm. This produces a naturally leaner, lower cholestrol beef product.

Highland cattle and naturally grown, grass finished beef are the products and pride of Tranquility farm. The lakes district of central British Columbia Canada is an ideal climate and location for raising healthy happy highland cattle.

Health Benefits of Grass Finished Highland Beef

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