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Scottish Highland Cattle Facts and History

Highland Fold

The Scottish highland cattle were imported to Canada from Scotland in the 1880's. To ensure the continued purity of this centuries old heritage breed, the Canadian Highland Cattle Association has strict guidelines for registering cattle.

Highland Fold

One of the oldest domesticated cattle breeds in the world they were mainstay of early scottish people as the family milk cow and for the provision of beef for their table. It is also said to be the first breed to be registered.

Highland Fold

Highland cattle have a somewhat smaller frame than many other commercial breeds, and a long "top coat" with fine underhair that keeps them warm and dry during northern British Columbia's winter storms.

Highland Cow and her calf in fall pasture

Their coat color can range from almost white to black and include reds, brindles and dun. Purebred highland cattle naturally have horns and not normally dehorned at birth as are so many other commercial breeds.

Highland Bull

A mature highland bull weighs approximately 800 kilograms (1800 lbs). Horns on highland bulls generally grow horizontally pointing forward and slightly downward. Though they look fearsome, they are generally easy going and mild mannered.

Highland Cow babysitting

A mature highland cow weighs approximately 500 kilograms(1100 lbs). Their horns that sweep up and outward with fine dark tips. Natural hardiness and great mothers make them the perfect choice for those new to raising cattle.

Highland cow

Scottish highland Cattle carry themselves in a very regal manner. With their almost prehistoric appearance, easy going temperment and their intelligence they are a very special breed of cattle to raise.

Other Interesting Highland Facts

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